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Look for daily holiday specials!
Look for daily holiday specials!


Find latest updates on coming releases and preorders.


We will be forced to cancel prizm football pre-orders for those who are not supporting the shop with other orders besides massively under market value pre-orders.

The hobby has under gone massive changes and the distributors are now allocating 1/3rd what they were before and charging more. They are now basing their allocations based on "restocks" and other orders so we must pass on the same policy. Since they want to play retailer and not distributor (IE they want 1k a box for Prizm football "restock") we cannot keep the model we have been using. We know this will frustrate a lot of people but we cannot order more product or get allocation if we cannot sell other lesser wanted products the same way we must purchase them. 


 2/17 - Shop is still without power due to the big snow storm that has hit Dallas area. We hope to get power Thursday or Friday and get orders out starting then. 

 2/22 we are back up , certified and Limited still are not in , as soon as we get them in we will get preordeds shipped out. 


Please do not abuse discount codes, orders will be cancelled for abuse if so.